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Nobuki Yamaguchi  



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different types of trauma



relationship issues

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Nobuki Yamguchi, MA 


MA in counseling psychology

Registered clinical counselor in BC Canada



From the age of 17 to 34, I have lived in US and Canada. First, I went to high school in Vermont USA. This was a ski academy where I was trained to be a professional alpine skier. From the age 20, I went to the University in Vancouver, Canada. I received MA in counseling psychology from Simon Fraser University.



As a registered clinical counselor, I worked with male survivors of sexual abuse and had a private practice. I have been trained and worked at the BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse. I provided the individual counseling to male survivors and have co-facilitated the group therapy.



Kind of men I worked with were heavily traumatized and come with many issues. It trained me and taught me how to deal with varieties of issues (shame, anger, anxiety, fear, relationship issues, depression, trauma etc). If you are able to help male survivors effectively means, in my opinion, you are well trained and effective therapist.



Through working with male survivors, I developed successful private practice in Vancouver. I worked with varieties of people with varieties of issues. My counseling approach is client centered. I incorporate up to date trauma theories, body oriented therapy, mindfulness, solution focused therapy, and narrative therapy.



Kobe, Japan


Kobe-shi, Tsuou-ku,

Nakayamate-douri 7-7-2

Shamezon Nakayamate Terrace B


You may walk from:


JR Motomachi Station

JR Kobe Station

Subway Oukurayama Station












Male client 

40 years old 

From Vancouver


“I met Nobuki in September of 2010 a damaged and broken man having survived horrific abuses as a child in the early 1970's.


Working with Nobuki for around 6 months helped me in so many ways that I find it difficult to put into mere words the effect he had upon my life.


He helped me to start to change my deep seated shame, guilt, anger, rage, confusion and utmost despair into that of hope and courage. I could re-visit, resolve, and begin to move beyond the horrors of my past and start on a road to recovery and a new way of living life.


Nobuki was instrumental to my life, assisting me in starting to create a change that will remain with me forever. I consider him to be a confidant that truly cared for me then and now a friend that I still remain in contact with to this day.”




Face to face counselling
   90 min 15000 yen



Phone/skype counselling

  80min 12000 yen



payment method for phone counselling  

  三菱東京UFJ銀行 放出支店
  普通0299158 ヤマグチノブキ 




Nobuki Yamguchi




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